Is your Website Ready For Mobile First Index?

If you own a website and want it to flourish, then first and foremost thing you can do is to make it user friendly. Unlike, traditional marketing, Digital Marketing also pays ultimate attention on users' comfort and for this very reason Google has come up with Mobile First index in the year 2016.

What is Mobile First Index?

Desktop computers have been around a lot longer than Smartphones and tablets, so the desktop version of your website is often thought of as the “main” or default version, with the mobile version being an afterthought. Right now, Google currently crawl and save the desktop version of a website first, meaning Google views and saves this version of your website for quick retrieval to use in search results.

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This won’t be the case for long, however. With the switch to “Mobile-First Index,” Google will focus first on the mobile version of your website — collecting, parsing, and storing that data first. As long as the Mobile First Index is not hitting the market wholesomely, it is not going to hamper the ranking of any particular website.

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You might be thinking, what is the importance of Mobile First Index then?

Previously any website was designed for computer screen but as technology gets a new hike, people tend to depend on mobile phones to search according to their choices but as most of the websites are not designed for mobile use, users might face problem while opening those websites. Mobile First Index can ensure if the websites are mobile friendly or not. According to that understanding Google can reset the ranking of the particular website. Google have also cleared the fact that this Mobile First Index will not create any impact on the ranking of any particular website but if any institution needs further development, it has to work for a better responsive website.

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According to the report, the switch to Mobile First index probably will happen any time in 2018. It means it is the time to make your site mobile friendly. Instead of two different sites for both computer and mobile, it is better to go along with one responsive site. Responsive design continues to be the best because the website can response automatically according to the size of the device.

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So instead of going for two separate websites ( one for laptop screen and another for mobile)  which can put a negative impact on SEO strategy, it's always better to go for responsive site because once Google First Index will hit the market, it will create another mobile version for your website.

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