We have expertise in creating best ROI through social media engagement and social media campaigns. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, WinDians are competent in executing campaigns that give best results to the customers.

Social media pages maintenance and marketing
Social media is not just about using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to grow your business and brand awareness, but using it effectively. It is important when using social media that you understand why you are using it and make sure you are using it correctly. We focus on providing you with a clear purpose, understanding and training to represent your brand effectively! We provide social media maintenance for those clients’ that can’t fit daily maintenance into their schedules. We also focus on helping those technically challenged clients have top notch quality social media campaigns.

Analytics in social media
Social media having become a key marketplace, has made it indispensable for companies to monitor these platforms, audit and measure consumer sentiments, analyze its implications and maintain a positive brand perception in the online space. We give social media analytics services to help corporations connect with the right audiences, strengthen their brand perceptions, and nurture their relationships with existing customers and prospects. We not only provide specific insights into consumer behaviour patterns and preferences but also help corporates assess their own positioning and perception vis-à-vis that of their competitors.

ROI has its roots in business finance. Businesses use ROI to calculate the dollars-and-cents return on a dollars-and-cents investment. Social media ROI is what you get back from all the time, effort, and resources you commit to social.

Conversion strategies
Even if you’re perfectly content with your current lead conversion rate, there’s always room for improvement. Whether you want to increase your revenue or grow your customer base, the benefits of improving your conversion rate are clear.We work on conversion strategies which work to add value, create a good customer experience and turn browsers into repeat buyers. We see that your every goal is a vital element in a well-developed conversion strategy. Depending on your goals and resources, you can start with a small-scale, low-cost initiative and still see results.

Social media policy implementation

Trendjacking is the practice of hopping on to a major social media trend and using the buzz around it for marketing your brand. While we have following this technique for years now. With brands focussing on social listening and real-time engagement, brands will be using trendjacking through the year and even beyond.

Events and social media
Event Marketing Event Promotion Social Media. One of the best ways to spread the buzz about an upcoming event is by using social media. With several platforms we leverage and you can get the word out to various segments of your audience where they live online. We maximize your social media event marketing efforts, however, it pays to put some strategy behind your posts. After all, it’s not enough for your followers to see your updates –We will make them engage and convert them.

Writing for social media


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